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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Counseling Center?
Any student currently enrolled and paying mandatory fees may use the Counseling Center. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the services for consultation as needed.

Why use the Counseling Center?
Students visit the Counseling Center for a variety of reasons: depression, anxiety, stress, time management, coping skills, relationships, family issues, substance abuse, grief and trauma recovery, academic or career struggles.

Who is on staff?
The professional counseling staff represents the following disciplines: Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Director).

How can they help?
Many times in life people face difficult situations, and problems can seem confusing and overwhelming. Sometimes choices appear so limited that every possible outcome feels daunting. An objective professional can often help you during these times. The Counseling Center provides a safe place where you can discuss your concerns privately with an experienced professional. Counselors will work with you to clarify problems, develop plans for resolution, or possibly provide other treatment options beyond this center.

Is it confidential?
All communication is held in strict confidence. Information can only be released to others at your written request. Please read our Notice of Privacy Practices

How much does it cost?
Services are funded by mandatory student fees, so there is no charge per session. In the case of referrals outside the university, most insurance plans, including SHIP, have mental health benefits.

Do I have to have insurance through the school to use the Counseling Center?
The Counseling Center does not require any insurance. However, students are required to have health insurance, including mental health benefits, as a condition of enrollment.

How do I make an appointment?
You can make a counseling appointment by calling 303-273-3377, through the online “Request Appointment” button or in person at the front desk on the 2nd floor of the Wellness Center.

How soon can I be seen?
You can usually be seen within a few days of your initial request. If you prefer a particular counselor, you may have a longer wait depending on availability. In cases of emergency, you will be seen with a minimum of delay.

What happens in the first session?
The counselor will obtain background information from you, assess your needs, determine the appropriateness of services at the Counseling Center, schedule a follow-up appointment with you, or make a referral to a private mental health provider off campus.

How often will I meet with a counselor?
Therapy is individualized to each student and while there are no session limits, the Counseling Center provides short term, solution focused counseling. If it appears that longer term care or specialized services are indicated, staff will assist students in locating referral sources in the community that match their needs.

Does the Counseling Center prescribe psychiatric medication?
Our counselors provide therapy, staff will assist students in locating referrals as needed.

What is individual therapy?
Therapy is collaboration between you and a trained professional, during which you’ll meet to address your mental health concerns and identify goals in a safe and confidential space.

What is group therapy?
Group therapy is a type of counseling in which one or more trained professionals work with a group of individuals to address a mental health need, goal, or provide education. Group counseling and educational experiences are greatly beneficial in building connections, learning and sharing with others who are struggling or facing similar situations.

Does the Counseling Center provide documentation to apply for accommodations with Disability Services?
Our center does not provide psychological assessment or documentation for accommodations. For information regarding the application process please see Disability Support Services.  

Can the Counseling Center reach out to a student I am concerned about?
Because our services are confidential and voluntary, we do not outreach individual students in the community. If you are concerned about a student, please call us to consult about your particular situation so we can assist you in determining the best course of action. 

Campus Resources
Public Safety 303-273-3333
Student Health Center 303-273-3381
Title IX at Mines 303-384-2558 or 303-273-3260
Center for Academic Services and Advising 303-384-2600
Disability Support Services 303-384-3297
Student Health Insurance Plan 303-273-3388
Career Center 303-273-3233


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